We voted for change—now what will it look like?

For once the pollsters were right—they all called for a close election finish, and that’s what the voters delivered. The experience of the 2013 provincial election must have made pollsters feel like a meteorologist who’s called for a sunny long weekend that’s then followed by rain. Well in this election, pollsters predicted a near-tie in party standings in the Legislature, and that’s where we are now.


Custodian survey: preliminary results show B.C. schools ‘in a mess’

BURNABY – Preliminary results from a survey of CUPE custodians throughout B.C. indicate that a startling number of janitors—55.4 per cent—are not able to maintain schools to meet their own expectations for a clean, safe and healthy school environment.


54th Annual Convention delegates head home after productive and inspiring 4 days

VICTORIA—CUPE BC’s 54th annual Convention wrapped up in Victoria today, with delegates electing a new Executive Board (including two new Diversity Vice President positions,) approving a new two-year Action Plan and passing resolutions to guide the union’s activities and priorities over the next two years.