Coquitlam K-12 support workers reach tentative agreement

CUPE 561, K-12 support workers, reached a tentative agreement (TA) with SD43 on Wednesday. Bargaining began on April 24 and a TA was reached after 7 sessions.

“The deal was achieved because of money negotiated for local tables in the provincial framework agreement,” said CUPE 561 President Dave Ginter. “And having many locals reaching settlements helped nudge the parties a little closer to the deal.”

CUPE 116 members at UBC ratify collective agreement

CUPE 116 members working at the University of British Columbia (UBC), ratified a tentative agreement (TA) they reached with the employer on June 9. The ratification vote was completed late Tuesday night with members voting in favour of accepting the TA with a strong majority.

“This was a productive round of bargaining and we were happy to present to our members an agreement that improved both their working conditions and the content of the Collective Agreement,” said CUPE 116 President Dave Lance.

Attendance Management

What is Attendance Management?

Attendance Management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting, to minimize the abuse of sick time, reduce productivity losses, improve efficiency and cut the costs of loss time or backfill. Attendance management programs are variously called “attendance improvement programs”, “attendance review programs” or “work improvement programs (WIP)” and even “attendance support programs”. Attendance control has traditionally been approached using time clocks, timesheets and time tracking software.

Snow removal contracts beset by fraud in Montreal

Blue collar workers point out that they are the best bastion against corruption

The Office of the Inspector General of the City of Montreal has cancelled two contracts worth more than $9.3 million with subcontractors providing snow removal services, after noticing some fraudulent practices. The Montreal blue-collar workers point out that these situations could be avoided by bringing the work back in house.