CUPE will appear before the Supreme Court to defend women's right to pay equity in Quebec

CUPE will be in court once again to defend the right of women to pay equity in Quebec. This time, it will appear before the Supreme Court, which said this morning that it will hear the provincial government challenging a previous judgment in favour of the province’s women.

“Rather than accept the judgment of the Quebec Court of Appeal, which found that the reform of the law was discriminatory, the Couillard Government is appealing to the Supreme Court to challenge a judgment on pay equity,” explained Annick Desjardins, CUPE counsel for the file.

First woman rector at Université Laval, and the employees' union is delighted

The Syndicat des employés et employées de l’Université Laval (SEUL-CUPE 2500) welcomes the election of Université Laval’s first woman rector, Sophie D’Amours.

Speaking this afternoon, union president Luc Brouillette said, It was high time for a woman to hold this prestigious position, but beyond that, Madame D’Amours was named on her merits.”

Brouillette noted that D’Amours “has favoured a consensual approach, in contrast to that of the previous administration.”

Speak up for Saskatchewan’s education system

The Saskatchewan government’s plan for K-12 education is harmful to our children and our schools.

In April, the Government of Saskatchewan introduced Bill 63, which amends The Education Act to give the Minister of Education more power and reduce the autonomy of school divisions.

This Bill effectively removes the ability of locally elected school boards and educators to make decisions about education, and it places all decision making power in the hands of the Ministry of Education.

CUPE celebrates big win in Saskatchewan as library funding is restored

Premier Brad Wall and his government have done something they rarely do - they admitted they made a mistake. After CUPE members from across the province of Saskatchewan joined forces with other community groups to organize over the past month against library cuts, Brad Wall is backing down and restoring funding for libraries across the province. The $4.8 million that was cut in last month’s budget will be restored immediately.

Follow Saskatchewan lead – restore all funding and save libraries

On Monday, April 24, Saskatchewan Education Minister Don Morgan announced that the Provincial Government would be completely restoring the $4.8 million in funding cuts to Saskatchewan’s libraries.
Don Morgan was quoted by CBC as saying "We've heard from people pretty clearly that they value the library in its present form. It's important for them not just to have the electronic capability, but they also want to have the physical space to go to." Morgan also told reporters "As I've indicated earlier, we're not afraid to admit we made a mistake on something”.

CUPE NB's 54th Annual Convention honours 1992 general strike veterans

Delegates at the CUPE NB’s 54th Annual Convention, which concluded this weekend after four days of speeches and debate, reelected Daniel Légère by acclamation to the position of president and Brien Watson to the position of first vice-president.

“I’m honoured to receive the confidence of the members again this year. It is a privilege to serve and fulfill our work of advocacy and representation on behalf of our 27,000 members across N.B.,” said Légère.

CUPE Local 30 to mark 100th anniversary

The union representing Edmonton’s ‘outside’ municipal workers will mark 100 years of activism on Monday.

Local 30 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees was known as the Civic Employees Federal Labour Union when it received its first charter on May 1, 1917. In 1951, the Local was one of nine unions to form what would become the Alberta Division of CUPE – now Canada’s largest union.

Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre workers get first contract

CUPE Local 4951-01 and the Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre have signed off on a first collective agreement that provides stability for the non-profit society while offering better conditions for its employees.

The Centre, which is run out of the College of New Caledonia, currently has four employees who provide childcare to children and, through a faculty-run program, instruct students to become early childhood educators.

Big win for library funding – but what does it mean for workers who were already laid off?

The Government of Saskatchewan has reversed the drastic funding cuts for public libraries, a move that is welcomed by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). However, there are still questions about what this means for the library workers who already received pink slips.

“Close to 15 library workers were laid off due to funding cuts. Now that the funding is restored we hope the regional libraries will do the right thing and welcome these workers back to work,” said Tom Graham, president of CUPE Saskatchewan.