National Transportation Committee

The National Transportation Committee provides advice on how CUPE can support and organize transportation workers across Canada as well as strategies to fight back against privatization and contracting out.

This includes promoting safe, accessible and affordable transportation and maintenance services and the importance of ensuring they are publicly delivered and properly resources.

We need a budget that invests in Nova Scotians, not corporations

Nova Scotians should be upset at what ISN’T in the Liberal government’s budget, says the President of CUPE Nova Scotia, Nan McFadgen.

“What we didn’t see is money to improve the resident-staff ratio in nursing homes or for new long-term-care beds,” says McFadgen. “Instead, we saw a lot of self-congratulation and corporate handouts.

“The corporate tax cuts in the budget could have paid for hundreds of thousands of hospital bed-days, retrofitting thousands of homes, or educating thousands of students. Instead, that money is going to corporate profits.”

CUPE backs NDP’s pharmacare bill

CUPE was thrilled to see the NDP introduce legislation to finally bring in universal, public, single-payer pharmacare on Monday. After decades of studies, recommendations, and foot-dragging by the federal government, the NDP is showing federal leadership to make life-saving medication more affordable for Canadian working families.

CUPE to TDSB: stop using students as bargaining chips in local negotiations

Thousands of young people in Toronto’s public schools are being short-changed because the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is playing games with their education.

With hundreds of education workers’ jobs going unfilled in the city’s schools, TDSB is depriving students of the services they need by keeping hundreds of workers off the job, warn Toronto Education Workers, who are members of Local 4400 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).