Sudden increase in buyout offers at TELUS raises concern

CUPE is sounding the alarm about a recent wave of buyouts at TELUS, where fifty such offers have been reported in recent days. The union is worried that the buy-outs are actually lay-offs in disguise.

“The workforce has been shrinking since 2015, but these departures are different. The workers who are left are expected to add the work of those who are leaving to their existing workloads,” said Brian Leclerc, president of CUPE Local 5144.

Is Quebec’s largest psychiatric hospital changing its mission?

Members of CUPE 2960, which represents employees of the Philippe-Pinel Institute in Montreal, are deeply concerned about the institution’s future. The hospital is internationally recognized for its work in forensic psychiatry. However, rumours that the institute’s mission might be changing were confirmed in late October, when the board of directors announced it would be eliminating sociotherapist positions.

Bargaining Forward in New Brunswick: Coordinating to Win

Gabrielle Ross-Marquette | CUPE Research

Something special is happening at provincial bargaining tables in New Brunswick. Since March 2018, provincial groups have been pushing to make gains on the exact same priority: real wage increases. As negotiations continue, sustaining the pressure on the Government of New Brunswick has required strategic coordination at all levels of CUPE across the province.

CUPE 4500 Transit Supervisor saves life on Knight Street bridge

CUPE 4500 member Surinder Sahdra has responded to a variety of situations in his 18 years as a Transit Supervisor for Coast Mountain Bus Company. From problem passengers and vehicle breakdowns to reuniting lost children with their parents or finding lost wallets and cell phones—or even laptops—and returning them to their owners, he’s seen it all.