Child care funding increase will help single parents in New Brunswick

CUPE NB applauds the provincial government’s investment to enact free childcare for low-income families and raise salaries of early-learning and childcare workers.

“This is a step in the right direction. Low income single-parent families are the ones who will benefit the most,” said Daniel Légère, president of CUPE NB. “More spaces, more accessibility, lifting people out of poverty…This is certainly good news,” said Légère.

Over 50 jobs lost in Saskatoon Public Schools since Sask Party’s Austerity Budget

Saskatoon Public Schools are facing an increasingly dire situation in the wake of the Sask Party budget cuts. Despite an increase of 511 students this school year and the opening of four new schools, the school division had its budget cut by over $11 million. This meant cutting staff instead of increasing staff to meet increased demands.

New Brunswick needs more operators, plows and a real 24/7 work capacity

CUPE Local 1190, representing New Brunswick Highway workers, held a news conference today urging the Transportation Minister to overhaul the Department’s snow removal program.

“Last week’s weather bomb gave citizens a clear picture of the current difficulties plaguing the Winter Maintenance Program,” said Andy Hardy, president of Local 1190.

National President's Report - December 2017

Sisters, Brothers and Friends:

What a busy few months it has been!

I know CUPE members and leaders across the country have been working hard – at labour-management meetings, at the bargaining table, through municipal elections, and at city council chambers and provincial legislatures – to promote and protect our members’ rights and working conditions and the public services we deliver.

With that in mind, I am grateful so many of you made the trip to Toronto in October to participate in our 28th biennial National Convention.

National Secretary-Treasurer's Report - December 2017

Dear Sisters, Brothers and Friends:

At the 28th National Convention in Toronto October 2 to 6 the leadership of CUPE solidified our collective commitment to CUPE’s priorities over the next two years. Most significantly, delegates voted to endorse CUPE’s Strategic Directions document including the pledge to fight attacks on our collective agreement rights including concessions and two-tiered contract proposals, and to fight to make gains at the bargaining tables, in our workplaces and communities.