CUPE charts a path towards a more equal and progressive Canada

Over 2,200 delegates attended the convention of Canada’s largest labour union in Toronto last week, and came out with a plan to strengthen workers’ rights and the labour movement across Canada.

Delegates approved a resolution to begin pay for members of striking locals on the first day of a strike, instead of the fifth, as is currently the case. This move will strengthen the position of locals who encounter obstinate and unreasonable demands from employers at the bargaining table.

Library workers, this is your chance to be heard!

CUPE has launched Phase 2 of the National Survey of Precarious Employment in the Library Sector, and we are inviting library workers to participate in the online survey.

During Phase 1, we surveyed CUPE library workers who work in stand-alone public libraries, defined as a public library that is its own CUPE local, is not part of another local, and has its own collective agreement. We want to thank all those who participated in Phase 1.

In Phase 2, we are inviting library workers who work specifically in the following sectors to participate in the online survey: