Nan McFadgen calls for meaningful consultation surrounding Bill 72

On March, 5, CUPE Nova Scotia President Nan McFadgen presented to the Law Amendments Committee on Bill 72, the most significant restructuring of Nova Scotia’s public education system in decades. In her presentation, she highlighted the need for meaningful consultation, the need for a democratic governance structure and the threat of centralization and shared services.

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Statement by Nan McFadgen on Bill 72, the Nova Scotia Education Reform Act

The following remarks were made by CUPE Nova Scotia President Nan McFadgen before the Law Amendments Committee on Bill 72, the Education Reform Act, in the Nova Scotia Legislature on March 5.

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My name is Nan McFadgen and I am the President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Nova Scotia Division. CUPE is Canada’s largest union, with more than 650,000 members across the country.

Global Justice News in Brief - Spring 2018


Recent elections in Honduras have led tens of thousands of people, including CUPE’s partner organization CODEMUH, to the streets in protest. They are demanding the immediate resignation of Juan Orlando Hernández following what is widely believed to be fraudulent elections. Despite the public conclusion by the Organization of American States (OAS) that the November 26 elections were fraudulent and required new elections, the Canadian government recognized Hernandez prior to his inauguration.