CUPE 1091 members opted to participate in the Provincial Standardized Extended Health Care Plan, and there will be an opportunity for those individuals who have previously waived their extended health care plan to enroll in this plan. Please note that this only applies to extended health care and does not apply to dental coverage. For details, please download the attachments below.


Working with our friends

Although the last provincial election seems like years ago now, the reality is that the new BC NDP government led by Premier John Horgan has been in office for just six months as you read this edition of Public Employee. While much has already been accomplished, much more remains to be done after 16 years of right-wing BC Liberal government. (For a more detailed assessment of the government’s first six months, see Page 10.)


CUPE National News

“Take precarious work off the menu,” say Trent food service workers

Trent food service workers who are struggling to get by in jobs that are precarious, part-time and insecure have challenged their employer, Compass Group of Canada, and Trent University to provide good-quality, full-time jobs that will let them deliver better services to the university’s students, staff and faculty.

Better and more secure jobs will also help to strengthen communities in Peterborough, workers argue, since precarious work affects everything from their ability to make their home in the city to volunteer with local organizations.

Statement from Mark Hancock and Charles Fleury reacting to the disaffiliation of Unifor from the CLC

It is regrettable that earlier today Unifor announced it will disaffiliate from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). CUPE firmly believes a united house of labour is much stronger than a divided one.

Trade unionists have always been stronger when we work together, and CUPE and the rest of the CLC’s affiliates will continue to work together to defend our members’ interests and build a better society for all.

Fondation de l’UQAM employees bitterly disappointed with management’s attitude

The twenty Fondation de l’UQAM employees have been without a contract since being certified in 2015. Three years in, their first collective agreement has not yet been signed, and the union members are contending with bargaining methods unworthy of a university foundation.

Fondation de l’UQAM employees are confronted by unyielding management which categorically refuses job evaluations and the implementation of known and disclosed salary scales, which are the very foundation of equity among employees.